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Kathmandu Conference Nepal

10-12 December


17-19 June Bali, Indonesia


Hyderabad Conference Brisbane Institute

Hyderabad Conference India


Kathmandu Conference Nepal


Sarajevo Conference 2011

Sarajevo Conference

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice Australia

Brisbane Conference

Queensland, Australia


Coping Resilience International Conference Dubrovnik Brisbane Institute

Dubrovnik Conference Croatia


Hyderabad Conference Brisbane Institute

Hyderabad Conference India



Professor Lesley Chenoweth

A Charles Sturt University Initiative

 Curriculum Development on Environment Sustainability

in Social Work

Professor Lesley Chenoweth

Responding to the Challenges of Contemporary and Future Human Services - Beyond Survival to Proactive Change

The Role and Direction of Social Work and Human Services in the current Economic environment

Cooking for Social Work

New Zealand Workshops

Working With Challenging Clients: Motivation, Cooperation And Assisting Behaviour Change

workshops Sarajevo, Bosnia, Vive Zene, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Workshops


Dr Venkat Pulla

AWARDED in India


3rd Right every Wrong Conclave


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Ignorance of Ability Brings Disability

"This is a short film I did in 2005

and it was nominated for

India-International Film Festival on disability ......"



5.4 million Australians volunteer with that figure representing approximately 35% of the population. The estimated value of volunteering is $70 billion.
The complete survey report is available on the

Volunteering Australia website.


International Conference  22 – 24 November 2012

Dhulikel Lodge Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal


This international conference celebrates Strengths Based Practices in Social Work and Human Services that work with individuals, groups and communities and showcases the best professional and expert practitioners from Australia, South Asia, The United States of America and the Asia Pacific Region. The Conference is organised by the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practices (Inc) and Nepal based NGOs and School of Social Work. and endorsed by several others.


This conference aims to create a global interconnectedness between people seeking solutions for their local problems. It promotes a resilience approach as opposed to simply meeting deficits. We don’t intend asking at this conference ‘what problems do we have?’ Instead we ask, ‘what strengths do we have which allowed us to remain resilient despite the challenges we face?’ Unprecedented global transformations have occurred in the last two decades of the last century. Some societies are still reeling in their aftermath. People are asking for peace, sustainability and are looking forward for solutions that promote self reliance. There is a true global hunger for leadership and collective wisdom that can actively re-engage individuals, groups and communities, in our societies. The search is on for strengths- based practices at local, national and global levels, for strategies and actions that work.
Presentations may take a range of formats including Strengths-based narratives; discussion of methodology and theory and discussion of research and outcomes. Practical papers should include discussion of the following: What were the goals of the practice? What strategies were used? How were the target individuals / group/ community empowered as a result of this practice? What lasting outcomes have resulted from the practice? (This may form the basis of discussion within the sessions.) From July onwards watch our website for speaker information.

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