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Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice


Propagates, and Supports Strengths Based Human Resource Development

Through Strengths-Based Strategies, Appreciative Inquiry,

Asset Based Community Development and Counselling Approaches




Kathmandu Conference Nepal

10-12 December


17-19 June Bali, Indonesia


Hyderabad Conference Brisbane Institute

Hyderabad Conference India


Kathmandu Conference Nepal


Sarajevo Conference 2011

Sarajevo Conference

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice Australia

Brisbane Conference

Queensland, Australia


Coping Resilience International Conference Dubrovnik Brisbane Institute

Dubrovnik Conference Croatia


Hyderabad Conference Brisbane Institute

Hyderabad Conference India



Professor Lesley Chenoweth

A Charles Sturt University Initiative

 Curriculum Development on Environment Sustainability

in Social Work

Professor Lesley Chenoweth

Responding to the Challenges of Contemporary and Future Human Services - Beyond Survival to Proactive Change

The Role and Direction of Social Work and Human Services in the current Economic environment

Cooking for Social Work

New Zealand Workshops

Working With Challenging Clients: Motivation, Cooperation And Assisting Behaviour Change

workshops Sarajevo, Bosnia, Vive Zene, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Workshops


Dr Venkat Pulla

AWARDED in India


3rd Right every Wrong Conclave


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Brisbane Institute Strengths Strategies

Strengths Approach, Human Resource

Development, Social change, Transition societies, Role of youth, Entrepreneurship development, Governance and people strengthening practices, Volunteers development

Asset Based Community Development Micro credits and finance



Ignorance of Ability Brings Disability

"This is a short film I did in 2005

and it was nominated for

India-International Film Festival on disability ......"



5.4 million Australians volunteer with that figure representing approximately 35% of the population. The estimated value of volunteering is $70 billion.
The complete survey report is available on the

Volunteering Australia website.



The Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice (Inc) was founded in 2006 to support approaches that promote resilience as opposed to dealing with deficits. We are a group of people from a range of professional backgrounds such as social work, psychology, education and management that believe, work with and advocate strengths based practices.  We recognise that the strength based movement is gaining impetus globally, with people from diverse backgrounds attracted to this inward looking practice, whether it be teachers utilising such strategies with their students, helping professionals engaging with clients to fulfil their potential, or employers and HRD Managers utilising strength based performance appraisals with their employers.

   What are SBPs?

Strengths Based Practices (SBPs) concentrates on the inherent strengths of individuals, families groups and organisations deploying peoples' personal strengths to aid their recovery and empowerment. SBPs are empowering alternatives to traditional methods with individuals, group or organizational work. SBPs refrain from allowing crippling, labelling and stigmatized language. Descriptions and pathology owned by persons groups and organizations that suggest acceptance of their condition as hopeless or helpless to change are constructively challenged through SBPs. Strengths based strategies build and foster hope from within by focusing and working with precedent successes. SBPs strategies facilitate change by assisting to look at / what has worked? what does not work? and what might work presently making it important for facilitators and those desiring change to be integral to this process of change.



Giving budding writers in human services practice to think about some reflective writing of their observations.

free programme on 1st and 2 March , 2021


About this Event

The purpose of writing is essentially, to reflect on your readings, observations, and research that you might do overtime. The process assists you to share your understanding with a slightly wider audience. It is a very creative process to bring along your standpoint of view and let your thinking blossom overtime. In this workshop you will learn about academic rigour and about a measured ways to use your creative flourish.

This is just a beginner's workshop. Outcomes may be


1. Inspiration to take away.

2. A resolution to try writing.

3. Assist to peer review.

4. You will begin writing.

ZOOM - Register at


Does Creativity and innovation appeal to you?  Do you want to learn to portray reflective research, depth in analysis?  Would you be happy to go beyond the statistical generalizability?

Do you wish to take research beyond a fact-finding task and to visualize it as a sumptuous meal that creates knowledge and affects your audiences intellectually and emotionally?


That is a big question:

The answer is   this Master Class in

Grounded Theory

Research is for you.


Desirable qualifications:  Masters or PhD, in Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Political sciences, History, Anthropology, Public Health, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, management and Organisational Behaviour, Journalism, Education, Social Work, Physiotherapy, People’s literature, Arts, and Humanities and media studies including print, online & digital media.


Download PDF        Download Word



You will do an observation task assigned to you. You may bring an idea for research or pick up ideas form the group.   Once you register there is some more homework for you. For registration you will send to your site coordinator Prof Madhushree Das, a personal statement (150 -300 words) how familiar are you with research/ qualitative research?  Attach your cv or resume. The second part is about a research idea that you are thinking about or working already (150-300) words. If you have written an article or even a blog previously preferably send it as pdf to


Participation Fee is Rs 3000.Pay into Venkat Rao Pulla, A/C No 082-515594-007,

NRO Account, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited , (HSBC Bank )

63-1107 & 1108, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, 500082 IFSC HSBC0500002fee


First day

(Assignment given to you)


Second day

First session

Reviewing our writing habits

Journey so far

Reporting on observations

Developing your writer’s voice

Second Session

Using strategies of creative non-fiction

Writing for learning and reporting

Writing as qualitative analysis

Third day

First Session

Grounded Theory practice

Finding your argument

Reworking your topic


Second Session


Memo writing

Writing vivid narratives



Things important to bring laptops video recorders if you like voice recorders all materials and notes artefacts, photos


Dr Venkat Pulla is a TISS alumnus. He teaches and writes in social work ethics, human rights cross cultural competencies in Australia and teaches grounded theory globally through master classes of 15- 30 hours.  He Is the Foundation Professor of Strengths Based Social Work Practice Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice, Senior Research Fellow, (Adjunct) ILWS, Charles Sturt University, Inaugural Fellow, Australian College of Researchers & Life Member, Australian Institute of International Affairs


 He Has Published with Sage, Routledge, Macmillan, Palgrave, And Wilfred Laureir Press- Canada; Primrose Hall- UK And Australia; Fernwood, California And with Others In Malaysia, India And Bangladesh. He Is Recipient of Napswi Life Time Achievement Award 2015, And Karma Veer Puraskar, -Global Indian Social Worker Award-2008 .He has established the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice, HTTP://WWW.STRENGTHSBASEDPRACTICE.COM.AU/;

He has published grounded theory-based texts on Bhutanese refugees.  Very widely acclaimed and reviewed across the world.  'The Lhotsampa people of Bhutan: resilience and survival’ has been published by Palgrave Macmillan. JANUARY 2016. HTTP://WWW.PALGRAVE.COM/US/BOOK/9781137557216

His new book on discrimination, challenge and response. People of north east india. Is being released in September 2020. HTTPS://WWW.PALGRAVE.COM/GP/BOOK/9783030462505



I taught social work and human services in many Universities in Australia, the latest being the Catholic University until May 2018. I have been the founding Head of the Department of Social Work, Northern Territory University which is renamed as Charles Darwin University. CDU. The other Universities where I taught are: the Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, (2 years) & a semester at the Sunshine Coast universities.
I tutored indigenous students in Nursing, Human Services, Sociology of health at QUT and at Griffith Universities.
Cumulatively, I hold over nine and half years of Australian academic experience including as Head of the Department or School, for three years. > READ MORE


Dr Venkat Pulla NAPSWI Lifetime Achievement Award: Lecture on

"A Personal transformational opportunity through a social work career"


Venkat Pulla

Team 2019 - 2021


President and Foundation Professor:

Venkat Pulla, MA, PhD
Training and Research Faculty
Dr Abraham Francis, James Cook University, Dr Anne Riggs, Melbourne, Pamela Trotman, Norther Territory, Rebecca Binyon, Brisbane, Prof. Sanjai Bhatt, Delhi University, Assistant Professor, Acting Chair, B.R Nikku, Thomson River University, Canada

Conferences and Training Europe and Asia Pacific 2019-2021
Sub Committee:

Research Associate: 

Elizabeth Carter, Australia, Brisbane

Conference Manager:

Dragan Bombek

Facilitators of the Conferences:

Bharath Bhushan Mamidi, Dr Keshav Walke, Hyderabad


Dragan Bombek Conference Dubrovnik 2009
Dragan Bombek Conference Dubrovnik 2009
Venkat Pula Dragan Bombek Conference
Dragan Bombek Conference Sarajevo

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