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Professor Lesley Chenoweth

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Professor Lesley Chenoweth

Responding to the Challenges of Contemporary and Future Human Services - Beyond Survival to Proactive Change

The Role and Direction of Social Work and Human Services in the current Economic environment

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Working With Challenging Clients: Motivation, Cooperation And Assisting Behaviour Change

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Coping Resilience & Hope Building, Asia Pacific Regional Conference,

Brisbane 9-11 July 2010

Supporting Partnerships: We gratefully acknowledge the supporting partnerships received from


Nathan Campus Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Venue: Nathan Campus Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

The Conference is interested in the fascinating capacity of human resilience to most adverse life events, as they unfold.  The conference aims to advance evidence-based practices in resilience promotion and hope building. It will look at interplay of individual, family, community and social responsibility factors in resilience and provide directions for future practice and research. It wishes to present a most stimulating forum for people interested in the central themes of coping and resilience. Organised as a sequel to the C&R Conference Dubrovnik 2009, presented by the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice, the Brisbane Conference will attract participants from the Asia Pacific region.  Keenly aimed to advance collaboration and networking among different regions and professional fields. Papers, presentations, narratives that focus on Strengths based practices around the world will be tabled at this conference.

The conference will be held in the beautiful City of Brisbane at the Griffith University, Nathan Campus. Brisbane flanked by the Sunshine Coast, about 2 hours to the north, and the Gold Coast, 1 hour to the south is city is a green and leafy city. At Brisbane there is plenty to do and see before and after the conference.

Conference themes

Given a variety of approaches to study coping and resilience and hope building and reviewing practicing skills to enhance in each of these areas, this conference is an opportunity for addressing them from a number of perspectives.  Viewed from a Strengths based practices (SbPs) presentations at the conference need to concentrate on the inherent strengths of individuals, families groups and organizations. Deploying peoples' personal strengths to aid their recovery and empowerment- this is the crux of this conference. We are looking for empowering alternatives to traditional methods with individuals, group or organizational work. We wish to see strategies that facilitate change by assisting to look at / what has worked? What does not work? and what might work presently making it important for those who facilitate and those desiring change to be integral to this process of change.

Some of the illustrative topics are listed bellow:

·       Cross-cultural patterns of coping with hardships; Coping patterns and resilience factors in migration and acculturation; Personal and developmental factors in coping and resilience

·       Interventions for children and youth to enhance resilience in adverse circumstances

·       Strengths based Interventions in the field of education, from early schooling to tertiary initiatives; child protection and safety

·       Resilience after loss and grief; Poverty, structural inequalities and  human resilience: implications for policy making

·       Challenges of coping with disability and mental health issues; Gender issues in coping and resilience.

·       Strengths based refugee acceptance policy development; Humanitarian Policing; Resilience mechanisms in recovery from individual and collective trauma; Posttraumatic growth after extreme suffering; Challenges of  reconciliation in multi-ethnic and post-conflict societies

·       Best practices in helping individuals in crisis;  in empowering communities facing crisis and disasters; Asset-based community development

·       Spirituality as a coping resource; Spirituality, healing systems, alternative therapies and meditation in enhancing resilience

·       Remote rural communities, indigenous people and coping with life challenges; Strengthening resilience through e-communities and use of information technology

Key Speakers

Lorraine Peeters, assisting Aboriginal people

Lorraine Peeters has devoted several years of her life to assisting Aboriginal people heal from past and present traumas. The Marumali program is based on a unique, original & unparalleled model of healing developed and delivered by Lorraine Peeters, a survivor of the removal policies herself. Lorraine Peeters, Winangali-Marumali Founder & Facilitator

Jasna Zečević, NGO Vive Žene, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina Jasna Zečević, is the Director of a Non Governmental Organisation Vive Žene, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. ‘ What is the process of healing war traumatized persons? How to we rebuild trust and social connectedness in their local communities?’ These questions will be addressed by Jasna as part of her inaugural talk at the Conference Dinner Programme on Friday the July 9th 2010
Dr Sarah Melinda Dobie Buila Dr Sarah Melinda Dobie Buila, is Assistant Professor, School Of Social Work at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  ‘How can someone who has never really experienced oppression, discrimination or prejudice truly empathize, understand and help someone who has suffered these injustices?’ ‘Much worse, how does the practitioner coming from a position of privilege, avoid doing further harm through insensitivity and ignorance?’ Sarah raises these questions in her keynote on July 11th, 2010
Pamela Trotman Australia

Leisha Townson, Private Practitioner Pamela Trotman and Leisha Townson, are Private Practitioners, Northern Territory, Australia. Pamela and Leisha will engage in a conversation that describes the therapeutic approach of ‘subduing the trauma dragons’ by tapping into the inherent energy and wisdom of the Survivor Self which is a powerful and resilient inner resource. They describe the ‘Survivor Self’ as that intact part of self which exists before, during and after 'the traumatic event'.

Julie Wilson-Hirst, MA, Psychotherapy UQ Julie Wilson-Hirst, MA (Psychotherapy UQ) Principal, Bodhi Tree, Centre for Developing Inner Peace and Interbeing Julie in her keynote address presents a template for ‘Living Skillfully, Living Well with Compassion and hope for a world in crisis’. Julie’s focus will be on mindfulness, ethical living and an understanding of our inter-dependence with all living things.

Michael D. Clark MSW. LMSW Director

Michael D. Clark, MSW. LMSW Director, Center for Strength-Based Strategies , USA Michael will present a Tune-Up for the Helping Professions. In his talk called ‘Motivation, Behavior Change and the “Return to Treatment”   Michael  Says: Motivation is a state (not an unchangeable personality trait) and is a state that can be influenced!  A creative approach to challenging clients. 
Professor  Lesley Chenoweth Lesley Chenoweth, Professor of Social Work Griffith University. Lesley focuses on hope-building and explores the fundamental question of whether it is possible to develop strategies for hope-building or if hope resides only within the spiritual realm. This is presented from the perspective of social work education.
Tewodros Fekadu an artist Tewodros Fekadu is an artist, Community Worker and a writer. Tewordos recounts the challenges and triumphs of surviving a poverty-stricken childhood on the streets of Ethiopia. The backdrop of civil war and the boundaries of tradition stranded him between his mother’s despair and his father’s pride. As he struggles with loneliness and the need for love, his enduring courage brings him the loyalty of friends and mentors along the way. He will also sign his book No One’s Son at the conference.
Desley Hargreaves the National Manager

Desley Hargreaves the National Manager, Social Work Services at Centrelink presents 'An insider view of promoting resilience and hope building in times of natural disasters: the Australian bush fires, floods and droughts'.

Desley has responsibility for and significant experience in the social work response to disasters.

All Speakers HERE




Dr Venkat Pulla, Australia

Developing Resilience in Children and Young People
Please see PDF


Pre-conference Workshop for Staff Working with

Challenging Court-Mandated Clients

Dr Michael Clark, USA

Motivational Interviewing with Court-Mandated Clients:

Increasing the Readiness to Change

Please see PDF


POST CONFERENCE Program - 12 July 2010

Pamela Trotman and Leisha Townson, Australia

"Subduing the Trauma Dragons"

Workshop - “Recognising, nurturing and protecting the Survivor Self” – a strengths based approach in the promotion of trauma recovery. 

Please see PDF "Survivor Self"


POST CONFERENCE Program - 12 July 2010

Julie Wilson-Hirst, Centre for Developing Inner Peace and Interbeing



"Staying Healthy" PDF


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