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Kathmandu Conference Nepal

10-12 December


17-19 June Bali, Indonesia


Hyderabad Conference Brisbane Institute

Hyderabad Conference India


Kathmandu Conference Nepal


Sarajevo Conference 2011

Sarajevo Conference

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice Australia

Brisbane Conference

Queensland, Australia


Coping Resilience International Conference Dubrovnik Brisbane Institute

Dubrovnik Conference Croatia


Hyderabad Conference Brisbane Institute

Hyderabad Conference India



Professor Lesley Chenoweth

A Charles Sturt University Initiative

 Curriculum Development on Environment Sustainability

in Social Work

Professor Lesley Chenoweth

Responding to the Challenges of Contemporary and Future Human Services - Beyond Survival to Proactive Change

The Role and Direction of Social Work and Human Services in the current Economic environment

Cooking for Social Work

New Zealand Workshops

Working With Challenging Clients: Motivation, Cooperation And Assisting Behaviour Change

workshops Sarajevo, Bosnia, Vive Zene, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Workshops


Dr Venkat Pulla

AWARDED in India


3rd Right every Wrong Conclave


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Brisbane Institute Strengths Strategies

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Asset Based Community Development Micro credits and finance



Ignorance of Ability Brings Disability

"This is a short film I did in 2005

and it was nominated for

India-International Film Festival on disability ......"



5.4 million Australians volunteer with that figure representing approximately 35% of the population. The estimated value of volunteering is $70 billion.
The complete survey report is available on the

Volunteering Australia website.


International Conference Towards Strength Based Strategies

that Work with Individuals, Groups and Communities

10 - 12 November 2006 - Hyderabad - India


Australia Strengths Based Practice Institute


Conference Highlights


The Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice Inc

in collaboration with Sanghamitra Andhra Pradesh - India


Sanghamitra Andhra Pradesh - India

CD was made possible by the generous support of the  Australian Association of Social Workers

   PO Box 4956


    ACT 2604

The Brisbane Institute of Strengths based Practices and Indian-based NGO Sanghamitra held this inaugural International Conference. It aimed to create a global interconnectedness between people seeking solutions for their local problems. This major activity in the year has been the first Australian organised international Strengths based strategies 2006 Conference in Hyderabad India in November of 2006. Principal collaboration was with Sanghamitra a rural development organisation in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. Generous funding was made available to fly two resource persons from the pacific region, Papua New Guinea and Australia by AUSAID ISSS scheme. Equally generous assistance was made to cover partial costs of three speakers by Australia India Society.

 A number of small but genuine fund raising events have boosted our strengths and bonded our managing committee members in more than one event. Credit for such planning goes to Ms Christine Radke. From Pie runs, dine for development nites to wine sales- all of them demonstrated one thing – that there was deep sincerity in rasing much needed bucks for developmental activities. The International conference in India was also supported by other generous donations of Rs 50000.00 by UAE Foreign Exchange principally initiated and recommended for us in Australia by Ram- (Mr Karuppiah Ramanathan), the State Manager of the UAE Foreign Exchange, and handtowels, pens and bags by Family of Mr Sunil and Rajeshwari Gurram of Ipswich. The handtowels are hand loomed in Solapur by entrepreneur weaver families.  The Australian Association of Social Work gave a grant towards the preparation do CD ROMs and the Rural Social Workers Action Group of Victoria gave three scholarships for students attending the conference. The AASW several government agencies websites, Australian Institute of Families and several NGOs hosted the conference publicity free of cost.  We were also awarded website from Charity focus for our use and during the conference year it received some of their highest ranking on Google hits.

Mariam HI from Malaysia now a permanent resident of Australia assisted in managing the websites and for 5 months worked with me as a Conference Associate based in Malaysia dealing with Public Relations and advice to me on the Asian region. The website was also attended by Amanda Vos.

Design, Designe by Duncan Williams & Dragan BombekDuncan Williams donated his painting which was later fabulously digitised by our Informatics and Graphic design member Dragan Bombek. Dragan designed the conference volume and the CD ROM and negotiated with printers overseas. Mr Palani Thevar donated T Shirts with Brisbane Institute’s logo.

We had an American Auction of  art works and culturally significant items that were brought by delegates of the conference coordinated by Christine Radke and the collections were given away to purchase Christmas gifts for children in Sanghmitra villages. The Conference had a large contingent of Australian delegates. More on this conference through its site at

The Conference management was provided by Chris Montgomery and the key note speakers from Australia were Dr Bob Lone President, AASW, Mr John Armstrong, SRV Guru from Sydney, Mr Wayne McCashen, Author and strengths based practitioner, Dr Irena Yashin Shaw from the cutting edge party. The Co- convenor of the Conference in India was father John Vattamottom of the Sanghmitra rural development organisation.

Child Welfare

Strength Based Strategies 2006 has caught the attention of practitioners, researchers, academics and consumers around the world! Throughout the conference you will have the opportunity to meet with and learn from the best minds in HRD, counselling, community engagement, entrepreneur development, disability, mental health and HIV/AIDS. Another prominent topic throughout the conference will be Child Welfare with presentations including:
Jen Barron, Youth Health Officer Young People Strengthening Their Community
Jen Barron, Youth Health Officer, Dorset Council, Tasmania (Australia)
Terry Hannon B.Sc. Psych. Honours, VACRO

Orphaned by the State: Children of prisoners and the policy vacuum

Terry Hannon B.Sc. (Psych. Honours) Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (VACRO) (Australia)

Dr Stephen Larmar, PhD, The Early Impact Program: Strengthening Child Competencies
Dr Stephen Larmar, PhD, School of Human Services, Griffith University (Australia)
Dr Bob Lonne, PhD School of Social Work and Applied Human Sciences

Rethinking and Reforming Child Protection Systems (KEYNOTE)

Dr Bob Lonne, PhD School of Social Work and Applied Human Sciences,
University of Queensland, Brisbane (Australia) and National President,
Australian Association of Social Workers

Sydney Michelle Weaver, MSW, RSW, Social Worker “Make It More Welcome”: Best Practice Child Welfare Work With
Substance-Using Mothers - Diminishing Risk by Promoting Strengths

Sydney Michelle Weaver, MSW, RSW, Social Worker, Fir Square, British
Columbia Women’s Hospital (Canada) and Fir Square Combined Care Unit
  Download PDF File HERE




Strength Based Practice with Challenging Populations: Overcoming Resistance
Facilitators: Dr Michael Clark and Dr Venkat Pulla

- Provides practice skills to work directly with challenging clients

- Focuses on skill-building 

- Utilises multimedia presentations, interactive facilitation with small and group exercises.

Training pace is lively and engaging. Emphasis for this training is on skill-building and "theory-to-practice" group work for direct application. 

Come, ready to learn "how to" practices and valuable techniques!


Community Engagement

Building Communities of Hope

Wayne Mc Cashen, Dr Venkat Pulla, Prabhakar Verma

Wayne Mc Cashen, Dr Venkat Pulla, Prabhakar Verma

- Provides practice skills to work directly with communities.- Focuses on group and community skill-building 

a whole-day workshop with several handouts for building resilient communities

Communities of Hope is about something very precious. It is about a community's capacity to learn, to change, to grow - and to build that most invaluable of commodities - respectful connectedness. This is a step-by-step blue-print for a 'strengths-based' approach to community capacity building. co facilitated by Dr Venkat Pulla and CCF

Download PDF File HERE

Building Communities of Hope, Community Engagement



Creative Thinking Workshop

Creative Thinking Workshop

Dr. Yashin-Shaw

In this workshop Dr. Yashin-Shaw delivers a new cognitive tool for thinking creatively. It incorporates some well known strategies for creative thinking that people may already be familiar with such as brainstorming and perspective shifting but places them in a broader context. The new model is called The StrateGEE® model for creative thinking and was the subject of Dr. Yashin-Shaw’s doctoral thesis.

This is a ‘hands-on’, ‘minds-on’ interactive session so participants will actively engage in creative problem-solving. "Every day the challenges we face both in our professional and personal lives provide us with opportunities to see fresh solutions to existing problems. If those challenges are approached creatively and mindfully by looking for new perspectives then the outcomes will be more beneficial and productive.”   Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw PhD



Plan-it Life's

On the Red Carpet!

 Paige Garland, On the Red Carpet

How does it feel to be photographed standing on a red carpet?

To be treated like a celebrity?

To hold your head high and feel great about your life…your work? 

This is what Paige Garland, Director of Plan-it Life's experiential learning strengths-based practice session is all about.

Experience how we make our staff and clients feel great about themselves. How we support them to achieve their dreams and have fun along the way.  Strengths-based practice is the foundation. Our unique interdisciplinary approach is designed to harness people's potential and foster their motivation to live a meaningful life. 


Strength based HRD

Strength Based Strategies 2006 has caught the attention of practitioners, researchers,
academics and consumers around the world! Throughout the conference you will have the
opportunity to meet with and learn from the best minds in HRD, and Management of Public
and private sector human services managers. Another prominent topic in HRD is practicing
Human Values every day. The conference presenters include:

Prof. Uma Sreedhar Bangalore India

Making Performance Appraisals Work

Prof. Uma Sreedhar Bangalore India


Nalinikantha Rao

B.Sudhakar, strength based recovery



Personal and Organisational Journeys






Nalinikantha Rao    B.Sudhakar,

OD Consultant       Head Human Resources

New Delhi India     Tata Chemicals

G.C. Mohanta Director Safety DRDL

Strategies for improving productivity and knowledge of workers

G.C. Mohanta Director Safety DRDL

Prof T V Rao, Chairman, TVRLS Learning Systems

Future of HRD and Societal Development- Key Note

Workshop on Strength based audit as HRD and OD intervention

Prof T V Rao, Chairman, TVRLS Learning Systems


Human Values at Work


Human Values at Work - 3 Hour Workshop

Brisbane Institute of Strengths based Practice Australia





Dr Venkat Pulla,    Rita Kugler,     Coralie Graham


Download PDF File HERE

conference presenters Australia, India

To download 'Strength based Strategies 2006 Inaugural International Conference Program, Papers, Power points presentations, Biographical sketches of the presenters please go to


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